What is keeping you back

Fear of failure, fear of succes

What is the difference from people that think they can do it, and people who cannot do it. They have an inside voice that is whispering and that is generating the electric and chemical response for the action or doing nothing.

Unconstious believes: implicit brain, thought that people are not aware of.Example:only proffessionals can have money, scarcity, having beliefes of what is possible or it is not possible.

In order to achieve something you want it may help you to change your focus on the beliefes that drive your behaviour: what believes to i have?

Discipline is the fundamental truth of achieving succes: teach yourself discipline.

What is the reason i want to achive that?Teach your body the discipline.

Start small: make yourself 1 command and 1 execution. Start with something ridiculous!!! Go and get a glass of water. and do it now! Every hour give yourself a command. Train yourself to reset every hour.

Everything what you do /don’t do , it is affecting your beliefes of yourself.

Take 100 days for teaching youd body a new habbit by working on that everyday.

Despre presthope

Exprim ceea ce vad in jur si ceea ce vad in interiorul meu. Descriu lumea si lumea mea ma descrie pe mine!
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