My days used to be full with worries about the way i am spending the day. This is the most ironic example of how not to waste your time! Don’t think about worries! They don’t help! Worries are not good!

What if we could live without worrying? I used to be addicted to worries about all the things in my life.

I was raised so i would worry about everything everyday. My parents used to worry about everything, especially about money. So i grew up thinking that if i don’t worry, things are going to be bad.

Think about the things you could do instead of worrying! Think about the practical things that you could actually do to solve one situation that is really worrying you.

First you can identify exactly which is the thing that is bothering you. We tend to mix all the things up and then tell ourself we are worried. If you can identify the exact problem that is taking your peace away, you can actually think more clear about one solution.

Worrying is also part of depression and most people don’t really understand that. If you look carefully at the problems, you will find solutions in a more efectively way.

So the thing you should do is to examine your worries carefully and decide if they are really so bad and decide if be fixed by you. And if you think that you cannot help yourself, there’s always someone you can speak to and ask for help.

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